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Unilever's Big Push for Healthier Spreads (Good Housekeeping)

Originally published by Good Housekeeping by Jaclyn London November 3, 2014   It's a big day for butter. Well, it's actually a big day for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. Today marks the official start of Unilever U.S.'s transformation of its buttery spreads, continuing their elimination of trans fats...

US Farmers Launch Billion Dollar Class Action Suit Against Syngenta Over Chinese GMO Corn Scandal (Nation of Change)

Originally published by Nation of Change Oct 14, 2014 by Christina Sarich   [caption id="attachment_7572" align="alignnone" width="600"] Another biotech-giant fail: Syngenta may have destroyed the corn export business that U.S. farmers count on by releasing a genetically altered variety before its was approved. Will the U.S. still be the...

Another Independent Study Confirms Monsanto’s RoundUp Chemicals are Lethal, Even in Small Doses (Natural Society)

Originally published by Natural Society by Christina Sarich September 20th, 2014   Published just this month in the International Journal of Toxicology, the study “Glyphosate Commercial Formulation Causes Cytotoxicity, Oxidative Effects, and Apoptosis on Human Cells: Differences With its Active Ingredient,” proposes what most of us have already surmised: Glyphosate, the main ingredient...

Brazil farmers say GMO corn no longer resistant to pests (Reuters)

Originally published by Reuters by Caroline Stauffer Jul 28, 2014 Source article   (Reuters) - Genetically modified corn seeds are no longer protecting Brazilian farmers from voracious tropical bugs, increasing costs as producers turn to pesticides, a farm group said on Monday. Producers want four major manufacturers of so-called BT corn...