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A Match Made in Hell (Corporate Europe Observatory)

Originally published by Corporate Europe Observatory April 27th, 2017 A toxic mix Although widely used across the world, many Bayer and Monsanto products are highly toxic for people and planet – an ironic illustration of our broken global food system. One kind of problematic Bayer insecticides are the so-called...

Skepticism About Biotechnology Isn’t Anti-Science (Slate)

Originally published by Slate  April 26th, 2017 by Tess Doezema “Keep Frankenfish off my Dish!” a protester’s sign read. Another, adorned with six red hearts, suggested that “real people love real salmon.” A couple of years ago, protests against the approval and sale of genetically modified salmon targeted the...

Attacks on Cargill Over Non-GMO Moves Based on Fear (Huffpost)

Originally published by Huffpost April 25th, 2017 by Ken Roseboro When grain processing giant Cargill recently tweeted that it was working closely with the Non-GMO Project about verifying the company’s ingredients, GMO supporters had a Twitter fit. Canadian farmer Chris Allam called the company’s work with the Non-GMO Project,...