Oreos Competitor Goes Non-GMO

Hydrox, the original sandwich cookie, announced last month that it is going non-GMO.  Now, without GMOs, it is just like the Hydrox grandma used to know and love. Hyrdox cookies have been around since 1908 and the changes in the product formula return the cookies back to the way they were for 90 years, before GMOs were added to the cookie.

Unsurprisingly, since the company released its non-GMO cookies there has been a bump in sales. That is because people want clean products, even for their occasional sugary treats.

We know cookies aren’t the healthiest thing, particularly those made in factory. But that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be made better. When families decided to indulge in a sweet treat they should be able to do so without wondering what questionable items are in it and those treats should have as low an impact on the planet as possible.

Hydrox is now non-GMO and Oreo needs to step up to the plate before it loses its spot as America’s #1 cookie. It is beyond time for Oreos to remove GMOs from its cookies and make a cleaner product. Last year Oreos’ parent company, Mondelez, introduced non-GMO Triscuits and a new non-GMO product line called Véa World Crisps. It is very clear that Mondelez customers want non-GMO products, and Mondelez is starting to respond to that demand.

Now Mondelez needs to hear from more consumers that we want non-GMO Oreos. Take action today!


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