What the Starbucks

Tell Starbucks to serve only organic milk from cows not fed GMOs

What the Starbucks


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Starbucks. Easily one of the world’s most popular and widespread coffeehouse brands, Starbucks has paved the way for the modern mass coffeehouse industry with its promotion of its corporate social responsibility and consistently strong branding.


One area of improvement? Starbucks dairy milk. 


While not genetically modified themselves, dairy products are not immune to the insidious impacts of GMOs. Cows living in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are fed a grain diet comprised almost entirely of genetically modified corn, soy, alfalfa, and cotton seed. These crops degrade the quality of our land and water, perpetuate corporate-controlled agriculture, and have potentially negative health impacts on livestock. Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics in industrialized farming is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, putting us all at risk. Starbucks milk is an environmental issue.


With biotech giants Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and Syngenta lending power to industrialized agriculture, the future of our food system rests in the hands of profit-driven corporations, while people and the planet come last on the list of priorities.


Starbucks boasts nearly 20,000 retail stores in over 60 countries. With its global presence, Starbucks must prove its true dedication to sustainability and provide organic dairy milk at all of its locations to support a sustainable future for all. 


Starbucks is already a leader in the coffee shop industry by serving rBGH-free dairy and using only USDA-certified organic soy milk. By setting the same organic standard for dairy milk, Starbucks can demonstrate a serious commitment to providing environmentally and socially conscious products.


Ask Starbucks to step up to the plate and commit to serving organic dairy milk at all of its locations » 

* Instructions to post on Starbucks Facebook wall:

  1. Paste this URL into the status update bar on the Starbucks Facebook page: http://www.gmoinside.org/starbuckscroptocup/
  2. Along with the link, write your very own customized note to Starbucks.
    Ex. “Organic is better for people and the planet. Starbucks, please provide organic milk!” or “Starbucks, be a true leader in sustainability – please provide organic milk!”
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