Say Thank You to Campbell’s!


Join us in thanking Campbell’s for being a leader in transparency and moving towards a more sustainable food system by calling the company today.

Last week the Campbell Soup Company made a public commitment to voluntarily label its foods that contain GMOs. This makes Campbell’s the first major packaged goods company to commit to transparency on GMOs, supporting consumers’ right to know what is in their food. Campbell’s also stepped out from the crowd by voicing its support for mandatory federal labeling. These announcements are in addition to Campbell’s efforts to roll out more organic and non-GMO products. This is a major win for consumers!

Companies log every customer call they receive. Thanking Campbell’s for its commitments will reassure company leaders that they made right decision and that consumers have noticed. This will also encourage Campbell’s to keep moving forward on sustainability issues.

Call Campbell’s today and say “Thank you”!

Here are three easy steps:


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